Safety Services

Fire Extinguisher Inspections

OSHA requires that your fire extinguishers are inspected once a month to assure that they are ready for use.  We provide monthly inspections and provide our customers documentation of the inspections. We also partner with local fire extinguisher companies to provide the annual service.

First Aid Kit Inspections

We provide inspections and restock of your first aid kits. These are completed on your schedule monthly or quarterly.  We also provide an inspection and restock service for your vehicle mounted first aid kits.

AED Inspections

We provide monthly inspections for your AED. We provide the customer complete documentation in any format required. We also provide restock of expired AED pads and batteries.

Safety Shower/Eye Wash Inspections

MTS will provide regular inspections of your emergency safety showers and eye wash stations. We can provide your documentation in any format required. We also provide required annual inspections, replacement parts as needed, and signage.

Spill Kit Inspections

We provide spill kit inspections and restock with needed supplies.  

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